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Meteorologist Tom Johnston, who committed suicide last month, was the suspect in a sexual assault in Newry. According to Bangor Daily News investigators said Johnston was the only suspect in the sexual assault that happened on April 1 after interviewing the victim and witnesses. Johnston would have been charged with Class B felony gross sexual assault, but detectives declined to elaborate on the alleged assault.

From the Associated Press:

As Republicans move closer to dismantling Democratic former President Barack Obama's health care law, Americans with serious illnesses are feeling uneasy. The GOP health care bill pushed through the House on Thursday leaves those with pre-existing conditions fearful of higher premiums and losing coverage altogether if the Affordable Care Act is replaced.

The University of Maine says it expects to welcome the largest incoming class in its history this fall. The Orono university says the number of new students confirmed for admission by the May 1 deadline topped 2,500. The school says 2,512 students paid their deposit fee to attend in the fall. That's up from 2,457 last year.

Legislation sponsored by Republicans would give willing parents debit cards they can use to spend public funds on private schools, therapies and online courses for children. Republican Rep. Karen Gerrish's bill is set for a work session Friday and would restrict so-called education savings accounts for students with special needs. Gerrish says parents could save unexpended funds for K-12 education.

Records reviewed by The Associated Press show Maine Republican Gov. Paul LePage's administration has paid $385,000 to a couple of private law firms since 2014. LePage is suing Democratic Attorney General Janet Mills, saying her refusal to legally represent him has cost the state hundreds of thousands of dollars. Mills has discretion to represent LePage and says she has authorized outside counsel three times.

All 14 Republican members of the California delegation voted for the GOP-led health care bill, including three singled out before the vote in a tweet by Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown. Brown projected the thousands of Californians in the lawmakers' districts would lose health care coverage if the bill passes the Senate. The House passed the measure on Thursday. Brown's tweets reflect the battles ahead for the three Republicans going into next year's midterm elections.

President Donald Trump says few people share ties in history, affection and culture like the Americans and the Australians. Trump says "iron bonds" between the United States and Australia were forged in the waters of the Pacific during the Battle of the Coral Sea, a World War II naval battle in which both countries halted a Japanese advance. Trump made his comments at a dinner in New York commemorating that battle.

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