Here are the things you need to know today......

Another storm is expected this week, but is not expected do bring as much snow to the Northeast. Newscenter reports they expect us to see some snow.

For the first time in a decade, there will be no employee bonuses for L.L. Bean employees and they are laying off about 100 people. WGME reports Bean's also started limiting most returns to a year. Beans says the changes are for a more prosperous future.

Augusta kids will an hour added to 10 school days and four additional days to make up for the snow days this school years. According to this to make up for what they have missed and does not account for any future snow days. But there is a plan to cover that IF Augusta has to use another day.

A tractor-trailer hit the soft shoulder on Trafton Road in Waterville, tipping over and going off the road. reports is focuses on the need upgrade the road that connects to the new exit 124.

The Winthrop school superintendent has announced his is stepping down at the end of the school year. reports 'irreconcilable differences' but besides the budget issue there have been other concerns raised by school system staff.

Gov. LePage has hired outside legal counsel have cost Mainers at least $110,000 since last fall and about $500,000 in the last four years according to

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