Here are the things you need to know today......

Tomorrow is primary day in Maine with votes being cast at the at the state and local level,  a ballot question and local issues. More from the State of Maine including your polling place, ranked choice voting and who is on the ballot.

Maine's appropriations committee is set to meet again today to try to work out a spending deal. Lawmakers have until late August to decide the fate of dozens of bonds, including a $100 million transportation bond according to US News.

More than 29,000 Maine kids are missing too much school. US News reports this concerning to school officials.

A couple of Maine's individual health insurance market are requesting lower-than-expected rate increases for next year according to US News.

Gov. LePage is "dismayed" with the wording of tomorrow's ballot question to keep a new ranked voting method according to US News.

A deadly weekend on Maine roads with a number of fatalities including accidents in Edgecomb, Auburn, Berwick, and Casco according to WABI.

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