Here are the things you need to know today......

Kmart and Sears announced another round of closings. According to the Bangor Daily News their Maine locations appear to be safe.

Maine producers of maple syrup and honey producers have some issues with a new federal requirement for product labels to indicate ‘added sugar’, even though they don't according to

Maine has a new program called YES. posted it stands for Youth Empowerment and the Steps to Success. They hope to get more 14- and 15-year-old into the workforce.

Gov LePage feels that an outdated child protection system did play a role in the deaths of two children who were abused according to US News.

A jury has cleared a Pittston man on a manslaughter charge from an ATV accident that killed a passenger according to US News.

An emu named "The Bird" is on the loose in Lisbon. He is 5'4" and ran away into the woods as he was being moved to his summer location. Anyone in the Lisbon area who see "The Bird" should call the Lisbon PD (207) 353-2500 according to US News.

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