Here is a collection of the things you need to know today.....

Some very warm summer weather on the way, here is the breakdown from Newscenter.

U.S. House endorsed a call to find out whether the U.S. government may have created tick-borne Lyme disease as part of a biowarfare program according to the Sun Journal.

Emotions were running high at a public hearing in regards to CMP according to WABI.

Paul LePage said again, he is likely to run for office according to WABI.

Auburn looking to find the reason behind multiple water main breaks in the last week according to the Sun Journal.

Maine (aka Vacationland) has more vacation homes than any other states according to Newscenter. Vermont and New Hampshire were second and third.

Police are treating the death of a woman whose body was discovered in an Augusta apartment as suspicious according to US News.  (more from

The Maine Forest Service is going to use wasps to help fight an invasive pest species that can do damage to Maine trees according to US News.

A bill to extend a federal weatherization program is going to the Senate floor according to US News.


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