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Lawmakers in Maine reach a deal to delay parts of the marijuana law voters approved in November. According to WCSH some say it is trying to solve to many problems in one stroke, some say its need to clarify parts of the bill.

Some parents of kids in the Manchester school are not that happy with how RSU 38  has been handling the discovery of mold in the school. According to some feel there has been a lack of communication and that students should not still be areas where there is mold. The district says they have been "transparent as possible".

Weather may be more of an issue in the future of Maine farmers. According to at the Maine Agricultural Show wrapping up today in Augusta farmers should be as ready as they can be for more variable weather in the future.

From the Associated Press:

A pro-Trump PAC linked to L.L. Bean heiress Linda Bean is now reporting donations it never disclosed to the federal government last year. The amended filings by Making Maine Great Again say Bean donated $30,000, not $60,000 as the political action committee originally reported. The PAC now says Diana Bean, who is believed to be Linda Bean's sister, contributed $15,000 with the rest coming from four previously undisclosed donors.

A Maine college is set to unveil a rare photograph of President Abraham Lincoln's inauguration from 1861. The Bowdoin College Museum of Art in Brunswick acquired the photo at auction in October and will unveil it Thursday. It's the first inauguration to be captured by photographers, and took place just six weeks before the start of the Civil War.

Maine Republican Gov. Paul LePage has now gone three months without a press conference and has retreated to friendly talk radio stations and conservative online outlets. It appears the new normal for Maine journalists is covering LePage's often unchallenged, sometimes dubious remarks, which now set the state's political agenda for the day. Observers say LePage's strategy of ignoring the press could backfire.

Maine Gov. Paul LePage says he had weight loss surgery and jokes now there's 50 fewer pounds of him "to hate." The fiery Republican revealed the bariatric surgery on Wednesday in an interview and said he underwent the procedure on Sept. 29 and returned to work a day later. He says his doctor told him he needed to lose weight to avoid diabetes and now he weighs about 200 pounds.

The Republican-controlled Senate has taken one of the first steps toward dismantling President Barack Obama's health care law. In a nearly partly-line vote of 51-48, lawmakers approved a nonbinding GOP-backed budget measure that makes it easier for action on subsequent repeal legislation as soon as next month. The House plans to vote on the measure Friday.

On the same day President-elect Donald Trump speculated that the intelligence community may have leaked word of an unsubstantiated report claiming Russia had compromising information about him, he's spoken with the director of National Intelligence. That's according to the director, James Clapper. He released a statement late Wednesday that said the intelligence community has not made a judgment that the information in the document is reliable.

The head of the federal government's ethics agency is questioning President-elect Donald Trump's long-awaited plan to avoid conflicts of interest tied to his business empire. Trump had an attorney make a presentation at a news conference and said he'll step aside to allow his sons and a company official run his firm. But he would still have an earnings stake. Critics say Trump isn't meeting the standards of previous presidents.

Officials in Michigan and in the city of Flint say most recent test results show the level of lead in Flint's water is dropping. Officials at a town hall meeting Wednesday also said bacteria issues have become almost non-existent. But there's still been no call to stop using bottled water or remove faucet filters. And some residents say they don't believe the latest test results.

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