Here are the things you need to know today......

Another government shutdown could be a day away according to CNN.

Camden schools held the state's first-ever remote school day according to US News. (more from Newscenter)

For the second time this month a man died while going back into burning to save a dog and lost his life according to US News.

Gov. Mills is showing new support for a proposed 145-mile CMP transmission line thu western Maine according to US News.

Oakland has received $15,000 in grant money to look at the existing broadband access and look for improvements according to

Maine’s medical marijuana dispensaries have seen a decrease in overall sales and for a variety of reasons according to

June 2018 Moose Festival set a Guinness World Record with 1,054 people doing their best moose call according to


Augusta City councilors looks at rules that could effect recreational marijuana use according to

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