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A man who had just robbed a bank in Waterville was caught after he slipping on ice, dropped the gun and money in front of state police according to US News. (more from

Maine lawmakers rejected a bill that would have required schools to notify parents and students before teaching with material deemed "obscene" according to US News.

Gov. Mills says her Medicaid expansion is going to help economic growth as well as providing health care for thousands more Mainers according to US News.

More Americans were getting a bit more in their paychecks and now seeing an average decrease of about 8% in their tax refunds according to WGME.

Maine lawmakers are being asked to do something about robocalls according to Newscenter.

A new milestone for the national debt now that it is $22 trillion, the first time it has been that much according to WABI.

Maine's truancy law may soon cover 5- and 6-year-olds according to

Augusta City councilors looks at rules that could effect recreational marijuana use according to

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