Here are the things you need to know today......

Loved ones of a Waterville woman, Liz Perkins, have been searching for her for a week  and are now asking for help according to Newscenter. She was last seen in Augusta.

The Augusta school board is looking a request to add major religious holidays to the school calendar from multiple religions according to

The humid weather will be continuing this week for Maine according to Newscenter.

A new report from federal data gives 4 Maine nursing homes the lowest possible rank for their staffing levels according to US News.

New recommendations for school outing have been made after the drowning of a Lewiston Middle School student according to US News.

An 18-year-old passenger was killed when a car flipped and crashed into trees in Burnham Saturday night. US News reports the driver only had  a learners permit.

The dog that attacked three people in Rumford was euthanized the day of the attack with the owner's consent according to US News.

The price of heating oil in Maine has down but remains above last year's prices currently averaging $2.72 a gallon according to US News.

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