Here is a collection of the things you need to know today......

Flooding warnings continue for rivers in Maine including the Kennebec according to MEMA.  Pro Tip: Don't park near the river for now.

City of Augusta and Augusta City Hall are back in business after a computer virus hit their computers last week according to

Easter bombings in Sri Lanka killing at least 290 and injuring about 500 according to Fox News. Arrests have been made.

Hallowell Fire Department proposed budget is up this year according to

The effect of TIF error for Hallowell's budget is still unknown according to

A search continuing for a man who fell into the Kennebec River in Bath according to US News.

Maine unemployment is up a little, but still below the national average according to US News.

Officials have managed to make repairs Rockland's South Elementary school where student medications were stolen during a break-in according to US News.

The White House Easter Egg Roll will once again feature colorful eggs made in New Vineyard according to US News.



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