Here are the things you need to know today......

Maine Republicans say the Democrats are blocking an effort to hold a public hearing on a ballot question that would raise taxes to provide home care for elderly and disabled people needing help with daily activities. US News reports it will go out of voters in November.

Jury deliberations in the Luc Tieman trial should start today after the defense givers their closing statement. US News reports he is accused of killing his wife and burying her body behind his parents' home will soon rest with a jury. (Newcenter coverage)

Gov. LePage is moving ahead without legislative approval on plans to build a secure, privately run facility. US News reports it would be in Bangor and for psychiatric patients who need services before re-entering the community.

Maine's 12   will host jobs fairs. They can help with job searches, training, resumes and interviews. US News posted  Gov. LePage said wages are rising and unemployment is at an all-time low, so it's a good time to "set your sights on a better-paying job."

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