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Wednesday's details at the Luc Tieman trial from WCSH.

The Waterville mayor is facing criticism for a tweet in which he appears to tell off Florida school shooting survivor David Hogg, according to

A man who witnessed the shooting of the bull in Skowhegan said it did not have to happen. posted the police chief stands by his decision.

An SUV crashed into a cemetery in Whitefield causing some significant damage. WGME reports they are still investigating.

CMP customers disputing high winter electricity bills will have to pay the undisputed portion of the cost US News reports.

The public can weigh in today on Maine's Maine Board of Pharmacy public hearing on the plan to allow adults over 21 to obtain an overdose-reversing drug without a prescription US News reports.

Frontier Airlines it due to start flying out of  Portland later this year with flights to Denver, Raleigh-Durham, and Orlando according to

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