Here is a collection of the things you need to know today.....

Maine starts the day with 471 active cases of COVID-19. 3,923 of the 4,526 cases recovered. There have been 132 deaths according to WABI. A total of 123 cases were linked to the Aug 7th wedding.

RUS 74, the North Anson area, is delaying school for a week due to a positive CV-19 test according to WABI.

The summer weather made it easier for Maine restaurant to have outdoor space for customers, many are now getting ready for the cooler weather and COVID according to Newscenter.

Maine will be getting about $7.5M to help fight our opioid crisis according to WABI.

Two 14-year-olds, a boy and a girl, are being charged with burglary and arson for setting a car on fire in Fairfield last month according to WABI

Current waivers for the school meal programs to feed any kid who asks for a meal are being extended until the end of the year according to

Gas prices are up a bit in Maine on average to $2.17 a gallon, up two cents in the last month and .48 lower than this time of last year according to US News.

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