Here is a collection of the things you need to know today.....

CMP is critical of signs posted in places that maybe they should not be and that appear to support the transmission line project according to

Augusta candidates for school board and city council will debate Wednesday evening according to

Portland is banning plastic straws according to WGME.

“Floating White House” has arrived in Belfast for renovation according to WGME.

A man accused of exposing himself to Maine Troopers was drunk according to WGME.

Mayor of Waterville accusing the city council of taking part in a plot to attack him at a recent meeting according to WGME.

Maine’s constitution was written 200 years ago this month according to Newscenter.

Maine has a symbol for products that contain marijuana according to Newscenter.

A woman who killed her ex-husband in front of their kids gets 32 years according to


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