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Maine starts the day with 631 active cases of COVID-19. 5,006 of the 5,780 cases recovered. There have been 143 deaths according to WABI.

Twice a week, ME Department of Education will update a listing of where in Maine schools coronavirus has been found according to WABI.

A 25-year-old man in Nevada is the first known case of a patient getting CV-19 twice according to WABI. The second case was worse than the first and were ‘different versions’ of coronavirus.

Dr. Birx was in Maine speaking about the importance of mask-wearing and reminding Mainers to keep up the fight against CV-19 according to WABI.

A group of people were demonstrating yesterday in Downtown Augusta against Maine’s mask policies according to WABI.

Over 133,000 Mainers have already voted absentee and just under 800 have been rejected for not meeting the legal requirements according to

Yesterday was the second day of the confirmation hearing for Amy Coney Barrett. Here is what CNN, Fox News, and the BBC had for information.

Social Security checks are going up 1.3% in 2021or about $20 a month on average according to WABI.

High School, College, Pro Sports: NFL; the Titian beat the Bills

Absentee ballots in Maine have started arriving in the mail, many commutes have places where you can vote absentee in person, have special drop off boxes or extended hours according to WABI.

If you are reconsidering changing how you cast your vote this fall, check out this from how what you can and cannot do if you are voting absentee.

Voters: mark your ballot ovals carefully and make your choices clear otherwise the ballots will need a review to be counted according to WABI.

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