Here is a collection of the things you need to know today.....

861 of the 1,436 total cases of COVID-19 have recovered and 64 deaths according to WABI.

Friday, Gov Mills announced changes to allow business in 12 of Maine counties to open sooner than June 1st according to  (more on those details here from

Some antique stores in central Maine had reopened last week when they were not supposed to were happy to see the revisions to rules allowing many businesses to be open sooner according to

Two people who work in the White House have now tested positive for COVID-19 according to

A judge ruled that the ban on in-person church services at this time does not violate the 1st Amendment according to WABI.

The Island Explorer in Acadia National Park will not be running this year according to WABI.

A fire early Sunday morning damaged a Hallowell home, no one was injured according to


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