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Maine starts the day with  155 cases of COVID-19 in 11 Maine counties, 16 recovered,  no deaths reported and 16 cases are health care workers.

Maine has a lower than average risk of spring flooding because of the mile winter according to US News.

Maine has seen a record week for unemployment filings according to

The coronavirus is impacting Maine real estate market according to

COVID-19:  County by county coronavirus count from

COVID-19 world map from John Hopkins Univesity.

COVID-19 updates from CNN. 

COVID-19 updates from Newscenter.

Maine starts the day with  155 cases of COVID-19 in 11 Maine counties, 16 recovered,  no deaths reported and 16 cases are health care workers. 

At 85,500 the United States now has had more coronavirus cases than China and Italy according to the BBC.

The City of Augusta has ordered all no-essential businesses to close according to

A Massachusetts man, currently quarantined in Skowhegan with family, says he has been confined with the coronavirus. But since his home address is in Massachusetts and not Maine under CDC rules his case is not reported for Somerset County and is reported in Massachusetts according to   

Maine is closing some of its state parks to help stop the spread of the coronavirus according to

Here is how to file for unemployment benefits according to

The deadline to file your Maine taxes is now July 15, the same as this year's federal deadline according to WABI.

What a ‘shelter at home’, ‘shelter in place’ order means for you according to Newscenter.

New Hampshire has ordered nonessential business too close and strongly is encouraging people to stay at home according to WMTW.


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