Here is a collection of the things you need to know today.....

Waterville is investigating if a firefighter used a ‘white power’ hand gesture in a department photo according to Newscenter.

Jackman school has not had a no-snow day in three years according to

Another good day on Wall Street with some ‘all-time highs’ on top of a strong start to the year according to

A fire destroyed a Sidney home last night according to WABI.

A Skowhegan man is now facing federal and state charges for child pornography according to WABI.

A Standish couple with four kids is accused of running a meth lab in their home according to WGME.

MePUC is looking at CMP for winter disconnect notices according to WGME.

A record number of Lyme cases were reported in Maine last year according to US News. (More from

A group that wants to overturn Maine's law eliminating the vaccine exemptions raised more than 3X the money than supporters according to US News.

More Peace Corps volunteers come from Vermont that any other state, Maine is 7th on the list according to US News.


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