Here is a collection of the things you need to know today.....

Maine’s a la cart cable law has been blocked by a federal judge according to US News.

Police are investigating a woman and two children who died near a parking garage in Boston according to WABI..

Mainers are being warned that any ice at this time of year should be checked to make sure it is thick enough if you want to go out on it according to US News.

Farmington’s propane explosion is the AP story for Maine for the year according to US News.

12 Democrats will be on the presidential primary ballot on March 3 and the Republicans will only have one name according to US News.

New drug approved for migraines according to WABI.

More details from the pre-Christmas shootout with police in Canaan according to

Changes in the minimum wage and federal overtime rules are coming in January according to Newscenter.

Flu season is underway and you can check out this interactive flu map to see where it has been reported according to


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