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Maine starts the day with 470 active cases of COVID-19. 3,910 of the 4,512 cases recovered. There have been 132 deaths according to WABI.

Aquaboggan is closing early for the season; they say it is because of strict and inconsistent state regulation in regards to CV-19 according to WABI.

The State has reinstated the business license of the Inn where the wedding reception connected to the recent uptick in CV-19 cases had been held; the Inn said there was a misinterpretation of the state’s rules according to

A Sanford church, which has been linked to the Millinockette wedding, has had at least five cases of CV-19 according to WGME.

After a jump in grocery store prices this spring; Maine stores has seen that reverse but still there are some shortages of items according to

Maine has gone from being one of the state with the fewest respondents to the the census to one of the leaders with about 12% of households being unaccounted for according to WGME.

Sox and Celtics won, Bruins in action to night.
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