After the murder of Cpl. Eugene Cole last year, Norridgewock area residents Brandi Ireland and Sheena Boone felt like they had to do something to help support their community and Cpl. Cole's family.

They created 'Thin Blue Line' bracelets in Cpl. Cole's honor with all the proceeds from the bracelets sold benefiting his family. They raised $6,000 according to WMTW.

Over a year later another tragedy hit the community with the explosion of the LEAP Inc. building in Farmington. LEAP Inc. is a non-profit that offers support for those with developmental, congnitive, and intellectual disabilities. The explosion took the life of Captain Michael Bell and left 6 firefighters injured as well as Larry Lord, a LEAP Inc. employee.

Lord was in the basement of the newly constructed building when he smelled gas. He immediately led an evacuation of all the employees likely saving many lives. Firefighters arrived on the scene and the building exploded shortly thereafter. 11 nearby homes were also destroyed in the explosion leaving 30 people homeless.

Ireland and Boone are stepping up again with 'Thin Red Line' bracelets. The bracelets feature 7 red beads in honor of the injured firefighters and Captain Michael Bell. The white bead is in honor of Larry Lord. 100% of the proceeds will benefit the victims.

If you would like a bracelet and to support the cause, send $6 and a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Bradi Ireland
271 Madison Rd
Norridgewock, ME 04957

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