One of the world's most prolific writers of completely fake "news" stories lives here in Maine, and has made some real money by conning real people.

The BBC posted a story today about Christopher Blair, the retired construction worker who lives in Maine and is recognized all over the world. He's not recognized by his readers and the hoards of people who comment on his posts on Facebook, but he's recognized by ethics groups and fact watchdogs in several countries as one of the top producers of fake news in the world.

The Washington Post also did a story on Mr. Blair, with the title "Nothing on This Page is Real."

Mr. Blair is a self-described liberal, but still produces completely fake stories with titles like "BREAKING: Clinton Foundation Ship Seized at Port of Baltimore Carrying Drugs, Guns and Sex Slaves," and "BREAKING: Obama, Soros and the Dems Ordered The Shutdown to Stage A Coup."

Why the hell does he do it?

Read the BBC story here to find out why this Mainer has been deceiving people all over the world for years.

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