Years before the Portland Sea Dogs played at Hadlock Field there was another baseball team in Old Orchard.

Chad Finn


The Maine Guides, the top farm team for the Cleveland Indians, played triple A baseball at "The Ball Park" in Old Orchard from 1984-1987.


The team was named as a tribute to the registered hunting and wilderness guides in the state known by the same name until 1988 when their name was changed to The Maine Phillies after they became the affiliate for the Philadelphia Phillies during their final year.

The name change didn't sit well with the fans and the attendance dwindled as the Maine Phillies only pulled in about 80,000 fans in 1988. The team also finished last in their division that year. The team was relocated to Pennsylvania for the 1989 season and was renamed the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Red Barons.

Chad Finn made a list of the top 10 Maine Guides players, you can check it out here. Chad is a sports writer for the Boston Globe and