To be honest, a vegetarian menu at Taco Bell really isn't new, they have offered vegetarian options for some time, but according to a company press release, the new launch is a not-so-new "new" vegetarian menu that is hitting all Taco Bells nationwide, and that is a first!

You can get your yummy on with 13 "New" great tasting items, and none of them even feature any "fake" meat. There are 36 certified vegetarian ingredients, 26 are even vegan, oh say it isn't so!

"At Taco Bell, we believe that vegetarian food shouldn't be a compromise; it shouldn't be limited to one item, and it shouldn't be just for vegetarians," says Liz Matthews, Taco Bell's Global Chief Food Innovation Officer. "For years, we've consistently proven that our vegetarian menu options are so craveable that even non-vegetarians unknowingly go veggie because they just love the taste.  We're committed to building on this insight and plan to further innovate in this growing space."

I think Im just going to stay with the crunchy tacos!

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