Syfy has been culling from the well of genre movies for its latest TV developments, most recently greenlighting the pilot for a '12 Monkeys' series, while today brings our first casting for 'Legion' sequel series 'Dominion.' Former 'Kings' star Christopher Egan will head up the cast, backed by 'LOST' baddie Alan Dale and '300' star Tom Wisdom, but how closely will the new story follow the 2010 film?

According to Deadline, Syfy's 'Dominion' will pick up 25 years after the catastrophic war between an army of angels and mankind, as depicted in 'Legion.' The series specifically focuses upon the journey of rebellious young soldier Alex Lannen (Egan), who discovers himself to be the unlikely savior of humanity.

Dale will play Rysen, the human general who emerged victorious against the angels, now the ruler of Vega (formerly Las Vegas), one of four human cities left intact after the war. Rysen negotiates politics from within the militarized city, maintaining the society's calm and watching over his daughter, Claire.

Finally, Wisdom will assume Paul Bettany's film role of Michael, the greatest warrior archangel, who helped humanity defeat the angels during the war. Michael now resides in Vega, using his supernatural abilities to defend the city from enemy attack. ‘Dominion’ will produce a 90-minute pilot/movie directed by the feature’s director and co-writer Scott Stewart, while ‘Sons of Anarchy‘ writer Vaun Wilmott will pen the script for Syfy’s adaptation of the film.

Get a feel for 'Dominion' with the original 'Legion' trailer below, and tell us in the comments if you'll follow the new series!

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