According to WGME, the critters are fattening themselves up for winter by eating EVERYTHING in sight!

They eat pumpkins, apples, acorns and more!  In New Hampshire, they're dragging away entire ears of corn.

And, they're wasteful, too.  Sometimes they only nibble on a piece of fruit or vegetables before moving on.

Even with all the damage they're causing, they shouldn't have a significant economic impact.

According to Margie Hansel, an owner of Hansel's orchard in North Yarmouth, "Every year in farming, there's something that we're dealing with. It is what it is. It's part of farming. You expect to have something like this happen every once in a while."

Honestly, all I can think of when I see these news stories is the raccoon infestation in Pawnee, Indiana.  Maybe I've just been binge-watching too much "Parks And Recreation".


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