Some yahoo, or a group of yahoos, has stolen the most prized possession a border town in Maine can have... their 'Welcome To Maine' sign. And they really want it back.

Now it's also worth noting that since we don't have an actual photo of the stolen sign, we used the classic 'Welcome To Maine' sign from Interstate 95 as a photo for the article, though the stolen sign looks a little bit different.

According to Fox 23 Maine, the sign that was stolen was taken from Acton, Maine along Route 109. Police say a black pickup truck was involved in the theft. And, if you look closely, we think this looks like a Ford Superduty.

York County Sheriff's Office
York County Sheriff's Office

Police say that if you have any information regarding the theft of the sign to reach out to Sergeant Sevigny of the York County Sheriff's Office by emailing

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