Normally, we think of the Aurora Borealis as something you have to be really, really far north to see.  Ya know, like where Santa Claus lives!

However, parts of Maine and New Hampshire could have a good view of the heavenly event tonight (March 30th).  If the clouds cooperate, that is!

According to WCVB in Boston, the Aurora could light up the New England sky Wednesday night into early Thursday morning, thanks to a geomagnetic storm that is being caused by a large coronal mass ejection (or CME) from the sun.

The eruption of plasma exploded out of the sun on March 28th and it is expected to arrive overnight tonight.  That plasma (a super-heated gas) will interact with Earth's magnetic field to create the Aurora.

So, will we be able to see it?

According to the National Weather Service, Central Maine will see increasing clouds throughout the night.  Plus, there is a chance that we will see precipitation in the overnight.  Possible freezing rain or snow showers.  There is a nearly identical forecast for the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

For the best viewing, assuming you have clear skies where you are, try your best to get away from sources of light and look North.

If you end up with any good pictures of the event, please feel free to share them with us.  You can send them through our app or send us a message on Facebook.

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