Legit question: Does it brake for moose?

Credit Think Stock
Credit Think Stock

According to the Portland Press Herald, Portland has been selected as one of seven municipalities for further testing self-driving car technology.

City manager John Jennings, who has been a big supporter of the technology is excited about the opportunity. “I think this is a transformational announcement,” City Manager Jon Jennings stated in the Press Herald. “This has a lot to do with future economic development in the city.”

Announced on Tuesday, Washington-based technology firm INRIX  will help pilot the AV Road Rules program. INRIX says the software communicates local traffic rules to autonomous vehicles. What about road hazzard like potholes? According to INRIX, the cars will also transfer information on items such as potholes while the "driver" rides along.

Testing will not take place anytime soon. Self-driving vehicle companies are not doing business in Portland yet, but officials hope the pilot program will give them a nod in attracting those companies.

The Press Herald reported INRIX hopes to have two dozen cities and agencies using AV Road Rules by the end of this year.



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