Tourists in Portugal got confused when calling Lisbon Police...but Cathy Roy in Maine was there to help them get out of the elevator.


Cathy's no novice. She's been a dispatcher for 22 years. You can imagine the kinds of calls she's had over the years.

Recently she took a call from a couple of women trapped in an elevator. According to News Center Maine:

The women pressed the emergency button but after 20 minutes, no one had showed up. So they Googled: Lisbon Police. The women called the number listed which was in Lisbon, Maine. The problem was the women were trapped in Lisbon, Portugal.

Nooooo problem. The two women started to get a little panicky so Cathy worked fast to get the Lisbon PORTUGAL emergency workers over to them! Not the easiest thing to do with the language barrier, but she did it.

The stuck women were from the U.S. and on vacation.

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