One of the most magical things about growing up in Maine was the fact that we were always able to have a beautiful, real, Christmas Tree.  Unlike many places, where the live trees all had to be trucked in from elsewhere, we are surrounded by vast forests filled with evergreen trees.

Of course, there are some downsides to having a real tree.  You have to pick a tree that is large enough, but not too large.  If it is too big you are going to have big problems getting it into, and out of, the house.  Also, you have to deal with all of the needles that begin falling off almost as soon as you get the tree set up.  Then, there are the critters.

Wait...  Critters?  Yep!  If the tree is big enough there could be actual animals living in it.  And, even if it is smaller, there could still be bugs living in it.  Or, at least, bug eggs.  Yep!

According to Country Living, if you spot these on your Christmas tree, you need to get rid of them...  FAST!

Even though it may look like a pine cone or a walnut, it is actually a Preying Mantis egg cluster called an "oothecas".  Each cluster could contain hundreds of eggs.  The hard exterior helps protect the eggs during the cold winter months.

Bringing it into the warmth of your home could cause the eggs to hatch.  NOTHING ruins the holidays like having to round up hundreds of Preying Mantis running around your home.

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