If you are looking to get away and book a lake or beach rental in the Seacoast region for this summer, you better act fast.  According to reporting from WMUR.com, the Seacoast summer rental market is the hottest the region has seen in years.  While things may be better regarding the pandemic by summer, many are forgoing the option to travel internationally and are deciding to stay closer to home. Bob Preston of Preston Realty tells WMUR.com, “We’ve done 500 or 600 reservations so far.

I think this just shows people just want to get away.”  Geordy Hutchinson of Yankee Pedlar in Wolfeboro echoes the same message from the Lakes Region telling WMUR.com “Most properties are getting close to booked already.” While some people are working remotely, and they can do their jobs from anywhere with a computer, people are looking to book longer stays than just your typical two-week or one-week vacation.  The demand for four to six-week stays is high and repeat customers are competing with new customers.


Because of the work from home trend during the pandemic, a lot of owners are choosing to work from their vacation properties so there are fewer rentals on the market.  Take a tip from the professionals, start looking now, be flexible with your dates and if you find a place, don’t hesitate to book it immediately. There is such pent-up demand to get out and get away since last summer was basically a bust with pandemic lockdowns.  If you can find a place take it.



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