The rolling countryside of New England is dotted with rugged, 100+ year old  farmhouses.  Houses big enough for the large families that were common at that time.  These days, many of these historic homes are for sale.

Fairly affordable (compared to the price of an in-town house of the same size), they are often a great option for first-time home buyers and for people with large families.  Multiple living rooms, dining room, and a bunch of bedrooms.

However, sometimes they hide a shocking secret.

Such is the case with one particular house in Guildhall, Vermont.

According to CNN, up until 1969 the house at 43 Courthouse Drive was home to the Essex County Jail!

According to, the 2,200 square foot house was built on the Guildhall village green in 1880.  The house features 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, mud room, laundry room, an updated kitchen, quaint living room, office space, and a JAIL.  The "jail" section of the building is 28" X 40".  The jail cells, jail bathroom, and jail office are basically as they were when the facility closed more than 50 years ago - complete with the rust, peeling paint, and grime.

Check out the pictures:

The house sits on nearly an acre of land and has a detached barn that offers plenty of storage space.

The price?  $149,000.  That basically breaks down to just under $70 per square foot.  Not too bad.

What about the jail?  What do you do with it?  Well, you could gut it and use the space for something completely different.  You could rent it out to movie production companies.  No, seriously, you could probably make a killing renting it out to people making low budget horror movies.  Or, you could turn it into a wild Airbnb!


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