***Cony Middle School Incident***

On February 13th, faculty at Cony High School learned of an alleged threat involving a firearm that was made by one of their students. As a result, the School Resource Officer was notified and investigated this situation. The student was identified and the School Resource Officer was able to conduct an interview that involved the parents. After the interview, it was determined that the student was unlikely to act on their previous alleged threat, however the investigation continued. At the conclusion of the investigation, a juvenile male was issued a juvenile summons for Terrorizing and remained in the custody of his parents. The case will be forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office and the juvenile Correction Officer for disposition.
The Augusta Police Department would like to thank the administration at Cony for assisting and bringing this incident to closure as soon as possible.


After watching the news of the school shooting in Florida, yesterday, receiving this letter was a true eye opener.  My thoughts to the families in Florida.  Cony Middle School seemed to experience some disturbing rumors this week and the Augusta Police Dept is investigating these rumors.  

According to a note sent home to parents on 2/14:

"The Cony High School Administration became aware of a rumor of a terrorizing nature spreading through the middle school on Tuesday, February 13th.  Immediately, the threat was reported to the Augusta Police Department and has been investigated by both the APD and the school administration.  At this time, we find that there is no danger to the building, staff and the students."  

Of course, parents are worried what the rumor is/was.  According to a middle school student (who will remain anonymous), she was approached by a student who had an apparent 'Kill List' with several Cony students' names on it, including this anonymous student.  But, I'm hopeful, parents will be made aware of what the rumor was.

Parents, talk to your kids.  EVERYDAY!  Threats...even if rumors...are NOT a laughing matter and they need to be made aware of this, if they don't already know.  Also, talk to your kids about an emergency plan if something catastrophic were to happen and how they should respond.  Safety first.



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