It's not every day you flip through the internet and come across the skies in Maine being extra...astronomical? But here we are because it happened all within the last few days!

First, let's start off at Popham Beach, where Everything Maine Facebook group regular contributor, Eric Storm, blessed us with this incredible picture of an early Sunday morning sunrise, complete with a surprise!

Eric Storm via Facebook
Eric Storm via Facebook

On his Facebook Page, Eric recalled the events leading up to that incredible picture -- just admiring the clearly beautiful early morning sunrise when he noticed a bright light (thankfully, not THAT bright light, just A bright light), followed by a cone-like appearance popping up behind it. That's when he remembered he had his camera on him and snuck some shots before it quickly disappeared.

He later found out that bright light with the random cone-like appearance behind it was the SpaceX rocket launching from Florida. Which, honestly, is something incredible to be able to see since you wouldn't think anything launch 1,600 miles away in Florida would be visible all the way up the sea board.

As if that wasn't wild enough, also posted on Sunday was a video by Reddit user alexman133, who claimed to have seen four UFOs in Scarborough. So, he did what any other logical human (or...alien?) would do -- took a video and posted it for the world to see.

This video was taken in Scarborough Maine. Four UFO’s. from r/Maine

In the quick six-second video, it's obvious there are four...somethings in the sky, or two somethings with a reflection of the two somethings. The commenters on Reddit seem to think it's a reflection through a window (even though the poster said they were outside), or a reflection from the moon, or really anything that isn't a UFO. But with recent reports coming out from Bangor Daily News and other sources that Maine is a UFO hotspot, it's tough to just fully ditch the UFO claims.

Regardless, this past weekend was clearly a wild time in the skies around Maine.

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