Historic Home Road Tour

Lewiston/Auburn, ME

Hop in the car and get ready for a road trip around Lewiston and Auburn, Maine. These two cities boast some impressive historic architecture with unique history that tells the story of the early days in L/A.

From massive private homes built in true mid-century modern style to one of the oldest homes in the area, this driving tour of Lewiston and Auburn will open your eyes to the history of Maine's Androscoggin cities.

Courtesy MagicPiano/CreativeCommons
Courtesy MagicPiano/CreativeCommons

This mid-century modern home is stop number two on the tour. The Philip M. and Deborah N. Isaacson House at 2 Benson Street in Lewiston. The house was built for Philip, a local lawyer, in 1959 for just $32,000. Harvard Graduate School of Design architect F. Frederick Bruck designed and built the home. It was named one of America's outstanding homes by the American Institute of Architects.

William Briggs Homestead | Courtesy MagicPiano/CreativeCommons
William Briggs Homestead | Courtesy MagicPiano/CreativeCommons

One of the oldest homes in Auburn is the Willian Briggs Homestead at 1470 Turner Street. William Briggs built this house in 1797 after purchasing the land from Samuel Berry. Samuel Berry was awarded the land for his service to Benedict Arnold's expedition to Quebec. Find this historic home at stop number 3 on the road trip list.

Horatio G. Foss House | Courtesy John Phelan_CreativeCommons
Horatio G. Foss House | Courtesy John Phelan/CreativeCommons

The Horatio G. Foss House in Auburn is one of the largest, most impressive homes on the road trip itinerary. Built for a local shoe manufacturer, the three-story home is known for it's gorgeous Colonial Revival styling.

There are more historic homes and buildings to see in Lewiston/Auburn, Maine. Use our map to start your trip and add more along the way. Happy road tripping!

Lewiston/Auburn Historic Home Road Tour Sites

  1. James C. Lord House - 497 Main Street, Lewiston
  2. Philip M. and Deborah N. Isaacson House - 2 Benson Street, Lewiston
  3. William Briggs Homestead - 1470 Turner Street, Auburn
  4. Frank L. Dingley House - 291 Court Street, Auburn
  5. Charles A. Jordan House - 63 Academy Street, Auburn
  6. Horatio G. Foss House - 19 Elm Street, Auburn
  7. Edward Little House - 217 Main Street, Lewiston

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