In a world where so much negativity makes the news and goes viral, it's nice when something nice is done and caught on camera for all to see.

One such moment happened in front of the Dunkin on Maine Street in Bangor a couple of years ago.

Mark Bishop, from Hermon, just happened to be in Bangor, running errands this past weekend, when he decided to stop for a coffee. But during that one quick stop, he got more than just a cup of joe; Bishop captured an amazing moment of kindness and humanity that would warm his heart better than any hot beverage could.

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Now, to set the stage for this video: It had been stormy and raining most of that night into the next morning. So the ground was saturated and there was a definite chill in the air when Bishop made his Dunkin' detour just before 10 a.m. As one can imagine, those conditions, without adequate shelter, would be enough to chill anyone to the bone.

That's why, what happened next, is so beautiful.

"I was in the drive-through at Dunkin' on Union Street in Bangor and as I was leaving, I noticed these two guys standing in the exit. As I pulled closer the gentleman on the left took his coat off and handed it to the other gentleman. I realized at this point they probably didn't know each other and the first guy was giving the other one his coat. You can't see it in the video, but after they moved away, they shook hands and parted ways. One went back to his vehicle and the other continued on down the road. I downloaded the dash cam footage and sent it to my wife who later posted it on Facebook."

The video very clearly shows the beauty we can add to the world, if we take the time to think of others, not just ourselves. While we may never know who those two men are (I hope someone does recognize that good Samaritan and thanks him for his kindness) there's nothing stopping us all from trying to do a little better and be a little better to one another, especially to those in need.

As for Bishop, who luckily had his dash cam on and rolling to capture this great moment, he says it's something he'll not soon forget.

"I was incredibly moved by this gentleman’s act of kindness. It goes to show there is good in this world if you keep your eyes open and take notice."

Indeed, there is.

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