The Maine Secretary of State’s office has released the results from student mock elections throughout the state. The results include more than 185 schools but not the 60 others that hadn’t submitted their results to the Secretary of State’s office by the late Monday deadline.

In the student mock election, President Obama won Maine’s electoral votes. The president took 61 percent of the student vote, compared to 34 percent for Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

Independent Angus King is Maine’s next U.S. senator, according to the student selections and U.S. Representatives Mike Michaud and Chellie Pingree are returning to Congress.

As for Maine’s same-sex marriage referendum, it passed. More than two-thirds of students, 68 percent, voted “yes,” compared to 32 percent who voted no. Students also approved Question 2-5 by wide margins.

43,000 Maine students participated in the mock elections.

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