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Easy Roll Out-of-Bed Exercises with Coach Caroline Deisler
Instead of waking up with an excuse to avoid your workout, now you can roll out of bed, lay on the floor, and perform these six easy moves that help you stretch and tone first thing in the morning. You can do this quick exercise routine in your pajamas or sleep in your leggings, and strengthen …
Manhunt Underway For Maine Man
According to a Facebook post from the Maine State Police, the Maine Department of Corrections is searching for a man named Shawn Batchelder
Mr. Batchelder has not reported to his probation officer as required.
36 year old Batchelder was last seen in Augusta on September 12th...
Winthrop Woman Dies In Manchester Car Accident
According to a press release from the Kennebec County Sheriff's Office, a Wintrop woman is dead following a Wednesday afternoon accident.
At approximately 1:16 PM, deputies responded to the report of a vehicle had crashed into the YMCA building on Granite Hill Road in Manchester...

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