If you are a beef lover like me, and always searching for the best prime rib in the area, then look no further.

I found a couple of posts on New Hampshire Eats Facebook page that recommend plenty of options for the best prime rib at places you can drive to.  Other than your wallet, be sure to bring a hefty appetite.

Ordering prime rib is not for the faint of heart.  It's a big ole hunk of tender beef (if it's cooked right), and leftovers are usually involved.

When Granite Staters had the opportunity to share their favorite places to get the best prime rib dinner, there are a few places which stood out as being mentioned the most.

Ironically, the restaurant most often mentioned isn't even in New Hampshire, but not far from the border.  Hands down, the Village Inn in Dracut, Massachusetts, was mentioned most often in either post asking about best prime rib locations. The restaurant was established in 1800.

However, if you want to stay in state, there are plenty of other option probably closer to you.


The next most-mentioned place for prime rib dinner is Buckley's Great Steaks in Merrimack.  The slow-roasted prime rib of beef is served in two sizes: 12 and 18-ounce portions.

Old School Bar & Grill in Windham is another favorite spot, with prime rib available Thursday through Sunday, starting at 4pm until they run out.  There are three options for sizes, so you'll find one just right for you.

In Manchester, the Backyard Brewery & Kitchen received quite a few votes for its OG famous prime rib, in 10 or 16-ounce portions.

Other honorable mentions include L Street Tavern in Hampton (check because it's not a regular menu item), North Side Grill in Hudson, and Fremont Pizzeria, which has an 18-20-ounce prime rib dinner every Friday and Saturday night from 4pm until it runs out.

Enjoy every bite.

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