The town of Anson's fire department received a very special gift in the form of a free fire truck from the Newbury Fire Department in Massachusetts.

According to the KJ, had it not gone to Maine, the truck would have been taken out of service.

How did this all happen? Well, Newbury Fire Department’s Captain Brandon Ivone was in Embden, where he owns a camp, and was getting a burn permit and some tree removal work done with some of the Anson fire department members. One thing led to another through conversation and Ivone ended up offering the truck to the town of Anson.

The town council unanimously approved accepting the gift. They say the town is small and can't afford to just go out and buy a new truck on their own. The new truck was built in 1992, has a 1,000 gallon water tank, 40,000 miles and about 3,000 hours on it. The truck was delivered to Anson from Newbury this past Friday.

This brings the total number of trucks to 4 between the Anson and North Anson Fire Departments.

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