The third Saturday in July has become a popular one for the eclectic city of Hallowell, Maine. The third Saturday of July (most years) is when Old Hallowell Day is held. And if you're a local, you know that's a big deal.

On Friday, members of the Old Hallowell Day Committee will meet to discuss whether or not it is a good idea to hold the event this year. This year's date would be July 18th and still not into the phase 4 portion of the Governor's staggered reopening plan.

On Saturday, the full committee is expected to take a final vote on the matter, sealing the fate of the 2020 celebration. And while of course there's always hope, the likely outcome is that the event will be cancelled.

If the committee does indeed decide to let event carry on, it won't come without the great difficulty of trying to maintain the state's social distancing and capacity limit guidelines. And, when it comes down to, the real question becomes, "why bother?".

Though sad, but admittedly true, in most cases for summer 2020, it will be easier to cancel events than to try and modify them to adapt to the Governor's strict guidelines. Either way, on that third Saturday in July, Central Mainer's can raise a glass in solitude and shout 'Salut Hallowell!'.

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