This website is a great idea. But I was stunned to learn a website like this did not exist before now? How did that happen?

According to WABI, a Thomas College student named Jake Warn created a new website called The 'About' page at the website gives Jake's reason for creating this site..." As a long-time rider, I always found it hard to find trail information in Maine. It used to take me up to six hours to plan a trip to a new area, and I wanted to make it easier for other riders to arrange (and do it for free). So, I made SledTRX."

It brings together the local trails and ITS system, places to get gas, service, something to know...all the information you need to plan a trip or to get info on the fly. 

Yes, there is merch as well. (I always love the merch) you can get a hat or a hoodie. 

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