A new movie that was written by a Mainer and will star Tom Berenger is set to begin filming in Western Maine sometime in March according to an article in the Press Herald.

John Barr, who grew up in Cumberland, spent his summers in the wild. Hunting, fishing and exploring the Allagash River area with his father and uncles. He always thought this would be a great location to film.

Since then he's been working in California for more than 15 years as a cinematographer and a camera operator on such films as "Cappote," "Frost/Nixon," and "Once Upon A Time In Queens." He has evendirected a short film called "His Lover."

Now, John gets set to take on the role of director once again as filming for his movie is set to get underway in just over a month.

So when he wrote his first feature film, he knew exactly where he wanted to film it. According to the article, the film will include signs, props, and products that will make sure the audience knows the story is set in Maine.


The plot of "Allagash" will tell the story of a retired military veteran, living near the river who, while hunting, finds a dead woman's body and a lot of money. Soon after the discovery, a group of criminals come searching for the money. And him.

Even though the movie is set in Northern Maine, John says they will most likely fiml in Bethel and small surrounding towns like Mexico and Rumford.

Filming will probably take the whole month of March and some locals may be called to be extras in the film.

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