It's no secret that driving fines SUCK everywhere, many people consider them victim-less crimes. When it comes to fines, not all states are created equal. Here's what ticket costs look like in California VS Maine.

Speeding tickets

In Maine:

1-9 MPH over= $109 fine

10-14 MPH over= $172 fine

15-19 MPH over= $201 fine

20-24 MPH over= $216 fine

25-29 MPH over= $272 fine

In California:

1-15 MPH over= $250 fine

16-29 MPH over= $450 fine

Using your phone while driving

In Maine

First offense: $50

Second and subsequent offenses $250+

In California

First offense: $1000 fine and losing your license for 3 years.

Not wearing a seat belt

In Maine

First offense: $50

Second offense: $125

Third and subsequent offense: $250

In California



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