Are you planning a trip this summer? It turns out that many New Englanders are going on vacation, despite the coronavirus pandemic, according to CNN's Abby Ellin via WMTW. The article states that 44% of Americans are taking a vacation in 2020, according to a survey done by the American Hotel Lodging Association. Perhaps they have cabin fever from being forced to stay at home during the quarantine, or maybe they just want to keep with their annual traditions of going to a special place with their families. The fear of getting COVID-19 is not going to keep these people from doing what seems normal to them.

I was looking forward to going to two places this summer -- to see my friends in Tampa, Florida for the first time in three years and a half years, and a trip back to Bar Harbor. However, I have decided to stay at home in Portland for personal reasons. Even though I'm very disappointed, I tell myself there's always next year. Hopefully, we will all be in a better place by then.

Safe travels!

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