I guess I just took for granted that everyone was use to seeing a lit-up 41 foot diameter globe on the side of I-295 in Yarmouth heading north to Augusta. But, judging by the volume of questions not everyone is familiar with “Eartha”

Ya see, Eartha is the world's largest revolving globe, weighing in at a hefty 5,600 pounds and holds the Guinness Book of World Record to prove it!  Completed on July 23, 1998. This mammoth creation of DeLorme, the map-making company, think the Maine Atlas and Gazetteer, yea those people. Now owned by Garmin, they still maintain residence at the  former headquarters of DeLorme in Yarmouth. And that is where you will find Eartha, and it’s a pretty cool story too.

Eartha was designed and constructed by DeLorme staff, and is truly a technological marvel. It took two solid years to construct and is covered by 792 map panels that give it the most amazing detail. Seeing is believing, It’s one thing to see it driving by, but standing next to it, you will be blown away by this three-story, three-dimensional representation of our planet and its movements.

They really spared no expense to ensure Eartha tilts at 23.5 degrees, and rotates on an "axis," just like the real thing.  When you get up close you can see this specially designed cantilever arm that makes it all happen. As you watch it moving, it simulates one day's revolution and rotation every 18 minutes.

According to a few different reports the atrium where you can access and view the three different levels is closed due to COVID-19 however you can see everything from outside the building. Swing by with the kids the next time you are down that way and enjoy the marvel!

Click here for more details about Earth on wikipedia and check out the YouTube video below for an inside view.

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