As we figured would happen when Maine's public safety spokesman Steve McCausland told Mainers they should call their complaints in to local authorities regarding Governor Mills executive orders, the calls are coming.

According to the Kennebec Journal, these complaints in regards to the hair stylists and barber shops originated from social media, where people claim they saw photos or videos from Maine's small businesses of hair stylists not wearing the correct masks and not wearing gloves while cutting hair.

Edmund Fitzgerald who is a spokesperson for OSHA in Boston said, “Employers are and will continue to be responsible for providing a workplace free of known health and safety hazards. OSHA has pre-existing requirements and standards that not only remain in place and enforceable, but also apply to protecting workers from the coronavirus.”

The story goes on to detail that the alleged photos and videos submitted from social media users show hairstylists not wearing protective face shields, not wearing gloves, and only wearing 'cloth face coverings' instead of the required 'face mask'.

OSHA said there are three shops in question here in Maine, and the investigation could take six months. The identities of the stylists and the names of the businesses will remain classified until the investigation wraps up.

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