Attention parents and parental units...Maine has some new car seat safety laws for the kiddos. Gov. Mills has signed a bill that requires children under the age of 2 be placed in a rear-facing car seat.

According to over 2 years AND weigh less than 55 lbs (previously 40 lbs) are required to be harnessed in a front-facing car seat. If they are under 8 and weigh less than 80 lbs and are under 57 inches in height must be in a booster seat. Maine laws still has kids under 12 who weigh less than 100 lbs in the back seat.

Here is a guide from about helping you find the right car seat. Newscenter point out one of the biggest issues is the straps holding the car seat in are not tight enough.  Want to make sure your on point with your car seat install?  Safe Kids Maine hold events to help you make sure you are doing it right.

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