I saw an article on Thrillist.com about 'The Best Burgers in Every State in America' and I first thought how do I get an assignment like that and then I thought what did they pick for Maine?

The chose Harmon's Lunch on Route 1 in Falmouth. When, I lived in Auburn, I would often stop into Harmon's on my way to Portland. I have to agree that they are awesome burgers!

Here's what Thrillist.com had to say about Harmon's Lunch

'The burger: Cheeseburger, loaded
In the Pine Tree State, it came down to a question of old versus new. I like the cheeseburger seared on the flat top at Nosh in Portland a whole lot. But my heart and nostalgia of summers spent traveling up through Maine with my grandparents just to eat those delicious loaded burgers at Harmon’s made it the pick for the state. Though they now serve fries and shakes, they still abstain from nonsense like lettuce and tomato, and you should always get two cheeseburgers, loaded with mustard, red relish, and fried onions. Plus, how can you not love a place with a sign that reads “This is not Burger King. You don’t get it your way. You take it my way, or you don’t get the damn thing”?'

What would be your choice for best burger in Maine?

You can see what they selected for all fifty states right here.


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